Student Management

Student Management

Classroom Behaviour Management

In KD we use Class Dojo to motivate students. You can find out more information on this system at I have an invitation for each child’s family with their own separate code. Please see me if you have not received this.

Class Dojo uses technology as a behavior management system. Students are given a character and can be awarded points by the teacher. They touch their dojo character on the interactive whiteboard to award themselves the points and then touch the icon that represents what they are being rewarded for. Lining up in the correct place, putting their things away and zipping up their bags, being kind, working hard are a few of the examples of rewardable behavior.
If a student disobeys the teacher after a warning, dojo points can also be taken away. This is done in a more discreet manner with the child to avoid embarrassment. No students have lost any dojo points yet.

If you would prefer your child does not receive a lolly or ice block, please let me know and we can offer an alternative. The items I have purchased for this have no artificial colours or flavours.

Individual Prizes
Lolly or sticker
Change Dojo character
Prize from Prize Box
Class Prize
30 mins Free Choice

Student Management Levels

I will be meeting with each child throughout each term to complete a Student Management Level form.  The relevant criteria will be displayed in picture form in the classroom and referred to on a consistent basis. 

To ensure that the award system is spread across the entire school year the following timeframe has been developed.

Terms Given

Terms 2, 3 & 4
·         Written Award presented in class
·         Ice Block

Terms 3 & 4
·         Written Award presented at Friday Morning Lines
·         Movie Afternoon
Term 4
·         Written Award presented at Primary Assemblies in Week 4 and 7 during Term 4.
·         Gold Celebration Party

Kindergarten – Year 2 Criteria

To achieve each level students must demonstrate the ability to regularly meet the majority of the criteria below. This needs to be demonstrated to all teachers both in the classroom, playground and all school functions, however, is at the discretion of an individual class teacher if a student is awarded a level.

Bronze Award
·         Often follows class rules
·          Listens carefully in class
·         Tries to do his/her best work
·         Looks after his/her belongings
·         Finishes his/her school work on time
·         Tries hard to play safely in the classroom and playground
·         Is kind and caring to his/her friends
·         Takes care of school property
Silver Award
·         Regularly follows school rules
·         Listens carefully in class and school activities
·         Always tries hard to his/her best work
·         Always finishes his/her work on time
·         Behaves sensibly and safely in the classroom and playground
·         Is always kind and caring towards others
·         Takes care of his/her belongings and school property
·         Wears the school uniform appropriately
Gold Award
·         Follows school rules and is an outstanding example for others
·         Listens carefully and actively engages in class activities
·         Always completes work to the best of his/her ability
·         Displays outstanding work habits and attitude
·         Completes all class work proudly
·         Always behaves sensibly and safely in the classroom and playground
·         Demonstrates outstanding citizenship in the school community
·         Always takes care of his/her belongings and school property
·         Always wears the school uniform in a tidy manner