Benefits of a P-12 School

One of the best things about a Prep to Year 12 school is the interactions between the younger and older students. Sure, being in a Prep to Year 12 school gives us access to resources and specialist teachers, but seeing the bonds between the younger and older students is beneficial to both. 

A few things have happened in the past week that remind me of how lucky we are at MACC.

This week we had our Secondary Buddies come and help us as we were introduced to our new chicks for Science. 

The next day KD read with their Year 7 & 8 buddies and enjoyed showing their friends how much they have grown as readers. 

Today we took part in PE lessons run by year 9 & 10 which gave the Kindergarten students a chance to be taught in smaller groups and  the older students a chance to work out their lessons on a real life class and alter their delivery and activities according to the groups and their needs. 

It’s a wonderful experience seeing the interaction between our students. 


  1. The senior students are so caring and such great role models to the younger students. I've noticed at pick up and drop of the excitement of my young kids seeing the older students they know and the older ones really embracing the mentoring role they have in the primary kids life.
    KD, what do you enjoy most about time with senior students?
    Isabelles Mum


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