We Are Learning To....

At MACC, we use 'Learning Intentions' to explicitly tell students what we are expecting them to learn in a specific lesson or topic. Today we looked at a new Learning Intention in Maths. To shorten our 'We Are Learning To' statements, we often call them 'WALT'.
In Maths today we had our Learning Intention.

'WALT split objects into two equal parts so we can share equally'

Kindergarten looked at what is equal and unequal sharing and then tried to make a piece of fairy bread and cut it in two equal halves.

Many students didn't cut it in equal halves, but we were looking at whether or not they could verbalise if it was an equal half or not and how they knew. Most students folded their piece of bread over and Olive even used the fold to cut her piece of bread equally.

The students enjoyed such a hands on and delicious Maths lesson.


  1. What a wonderful way to learn about halves...looks tasty 😁

    1. It looked tasty! I didn't get a piece as there wasnt enough!


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