Kindergarten Homework


Homework books will be collected each Friday and sent home on Monday with 3 new sight words and the homework sheet of the week. Please work with your child on learning the sounds and the sight words every week.

Whilst the children are encouraged to complete homework, it is not compulsory and there are no consequences for incomplete homework. If at any time homework becomes a stressful experience please contact me for support. A whole day of learning can be exhausting for Kindergarten students and we want to support them in every way.

Home Reading

Home reading books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Home Reading program is designed to improve students’ fluency when reading. At this stage the children are just learning to read by recognising sounds and sight words. Throughout the course of the year students will be developing their reading skills and strategies. I still encourage you to read to your child every night. As a class we have discussed the ways to read a book including using the words, using pictures and retelling the story. 

Term 3
Homework T3 Wk1

Homework T3 Wk 2

Homework T3 Wk 3

Homework T3 Wk 4

Homework T3 Wk6

Homework T3 Wk7

Homework T3 Wk 8

Homework T3 Wk 9

Term 2
Homework T2 Wk1

Homework T2 Wk 2

Home work Term 2 Week 3

Homework Term 2 Week 4

Homework Term 2 Week 5

Homework T2 Week6

Homework T2 Wk7

Homework T2 Wk8

Homework T2 Wk9