I Wonder...

This year we are encouraging Kindergarten to wonder about the world around them. We have been looking at a book on Inquiry Based Learning and it’s an amazing read on the importance of nurturing the wonders, dreams and curiosities of our youngest learners. 

Today our ‘I wonder..’ was geography based. We looked at some books and discussed what we could start learning about. We had ‘I wonder how the pyramids were made?’ And ‘I wonder how natural and man made walls get made?’and many others. Stay tuned for what we decide to look at as a class! And keep on wondering! 


  1. Sounds really wonderful, I know Archer really loves coming up with tricky questions trying to figure out how things work. I now see why we've been making treasure maps at home and finding things that we've taken turns hiding 😁

  2. I LOVE that Archer is sharing his wondering about the world at home! I love the treasure maps and hunts idea! Maybe Archer can help us try that next term?


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