Making sense of Maths!

Making sense of Maths!

In KD we are always trying to make sense of Maths. We try to find a variety of ways to see number combinations and patterns in our everyday lives. 

Today as a class we looked at an online number chart and saw patterns when we count by 2's, 5's and 10's. We also used dominoes to see number combinations and worked on reading dot patterns without counting each dot. (Called subitising). We revised the correct way to write numbers and measured informally using cups and containers and ordered these. 

Here is a link to an online number chart to chat about with your child.

Online Number Chart

Or you may want to try some subitising?

Subitising Game

Meaurement is an easy one to try at home. We measure so often and it can open up some interesting conversations when you explain to your child what you are measuring and why.

We hope you can see Maths all around you like we do in KD!


  1. Archer just asked to check out the blog and it looks fabulous. Such clever and interesting ways to investigate maths 🤛😎 emojis by Archer


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